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Privacy and Confidentiality 

As a licensed psychologist I am obliged to live up to specific requirements in terms of registration as well as storage of information relevant to your therapy. The requirements exist to ensure the protection of your personal and sensitive information.


As a psychologist I am bound by client confidentiality. This means that I am not allowed to pass on any information about you or what we are talking about to anyone else. All the information you share with me – whether it is during a consultation, in writing or over the phone – stays between you and me.

Disclosing Information

If I make the judgment call that you or someone else is in danger, I am required to contact the relevant authorities and inform them about this. Was this ever to happen, you would of course be informed. For you who are below the age of 18, I am obliged to inform the local authorities in your municipality if I believe you are in an exposed situation.

Retrieving and Storing Data

I keep a journal in a GDPR compliant system. In this system I write down information about you such as name, address, phone number and mail. Aside from this, I will write what we have been talking about that is of relevance to your consultations with me. This includes making short notes regarding relevant information exchanged via phone calls, mails or texts. You always have the right to see what has been written in your journal. I am required to keep the information for 5 years after they have been written down; after this they will be deleted.


If you wish that your doctor, municipality or anyone else get information about you from me or access to your journal, you must give a written consent. I will never pass on information to others unless you have given your consent. You can always withdraw a consent.

Online Consultations

When doing video consultations, I use Whereby [indsæt: link til]; a GDPR compliant online video platform.


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Data Processing Agreements

In my use of online systems for storing information about you, payment and billing as well as video consultations I have made data processing agreements with the providers of these services. This is the safety that you and I are provided with in order to be confident that the storage of the data regarding you is in compliance with the GDPR requirements.

Responsible for collection and storage of data

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