Online Therapy

Today a lot of therapists offer therapy online. We know that studies show that having sessions online is just as helpful as sitting in the same room. Sitting in the same room brings a different experience, however, there are advantages to having sessions online.

Some of the advantages by doing online therapy are:

  • You can choose a psychologist you think would be a good match for you irrespective of where the person’s clinic is
  • You can continue your sessions even if you go away for a while, for instance with work, studies or on vacation
  • You will save the time driving to and from the clinic

Get Ready for the Session

It is important that you are sitting in a place where it is quiet and people will not interrupt you. If you are sitting for instance at home or at work and there are other people present, find a room to which you can close the door. Make sure to convey to others that you are in a session and will not be available.

I will send you a mail with a link to the online platform we use for our video sessions and a description of how to log on. It is a platform that is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation but simple for you to access.

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